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In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is crucial for authors to connect with readers, showcase their work, and build a loyal following.

Google Firebase Analytics can complement your app in many facets. Here are 5 ways to measure app performance including metrics, tracking, audiences, events, and funnels.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to upload videos that are longer than 15 seconds. How can you reformat your video into a shorter length? Here’s how.

According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), native advertising is a “paid placement in any environment that is indistinguishable from organic content”.

The Click Through Rate is a metric that Google uses to measure how many people click on an ad after seeing it. Here’s how to improve it.

What is a responsive display ad? A responsive display ad is an advertisement that will automatically resize to fit the dimensions of each browser, regardless of size.

We’ve put together this list of the 30 Best Guest Blogging Sites, so you can start your research for backlinks in just one place!

There are several ways to generate traffic and sales for your online shop. However, a practical yet often overlooked strategy is Google Shopping Ads.

If you’ve worked with a marketing consultant before, you probably have heard of Google AdWords, now google ads. But, are google ads worth it?

It can be quite challenging to plan your Facebook ad budget if you’re getting started with advertising. How much should you allocate?

Amazon Product Listing Optimization can increase revenue for Amazon sellers. Here a few tips on how to sell more using SEO fundamentals.

Del Mar Restaurant Marketing can be tricky, but with these insights you can start getting more diners now! SEO. PPC, and directory strategies.

With the speed of change in business increasing at a seemingly exponential rate, the idea of outsourcing pieces of work within a company makes more sense than ever.

How can you tell what is a good click through rate for Facebook ads and what isn’t? Are your ads working correctly? Let’s take a look!

COVID-19 has challenged companies to rethink their entire business models. Businesses that used to be able to rely on foot traffic or word of mouth marketing such as restaurants, gyms, retail stores, bars etc. now have to market online in order to remain open. That is why companies are hiring local SEO experts.

Zoho benefits businesses by having everything in one place. That way a business can monitor all activities and projects within their company.

Social media can be a real game-changer for businesses. However, today every business is on social media. Making it more difficult to stand out from competitors and grab the attention of users. That is why it is crucial to build a strong social media strategy and design eye-catching social media posts that will get people interested in your business.

If you aspire to be a premium brand, then it is vital that you have a good story. Customers will remember your offerings and ultimately your brand through your brand story. This is how to create an effective brand story.

Typography greatly impacts a user’s experience on a website. So here are our recommendations on how to find the perfect fonts and typography for your website.

It is highly recommended that every commercial establishment utilize a brand style guide. Consistent branding is often overlooked by companies, and this can lead to various shortcomings. In this guide, we take a high-level look at how to create a style guide with an emphasis on brand consistency.

New Android apps can often struggle to get downloads in the early stages. The Google Play Store involves numerous algorithms working to put relevant apps in front of the right people. In this guide, we discuss optimizing your app store landing page, running Google Ads app campaigns, and taking advantage of Google Firebase.

There is a lot of information circulating about how to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus on your business right now. This can make it tough to navigate what business owners need to do.

Usually when we discuss a sales slowdown, or a complete pause, there is some form of seasonality involved. Things have changed with COVID-19, so make sure you spend time on the right marketing activities.

Crafting a brand voice helps you connect with your target audience, build reputation and ensure all content and ads are consistent. And businesses who see to it that all team members are on the same page when it comes to brand voice, appear more trustworthy, reliable and authentic. And therefore are more likely to be successful in the long run.

Color plays a big part in the perception of your brand and product or services. They determine the first impression that a potential customer will get when they lay eyes on your branding for the first time. Colors can do so much more than just making your visuals attractive and eye pleasing, they convey feelings, emotions and experiences.

When building your website, everything created on it such as your content, design, theme, and images should aim at driving home your point on what your business and services are all about. They should also buttress how you aim to benefit would-be clients.

Every startup launch must learn how to pitch to an audience. This experience gives them the chance to hone in on a solid idea and solidify who they are. Startup launch lists should always include working on a pitch deck because it creates marketing and networking opportunities.

We know how many monthly active users Twitter has, but how many of them should a business expect to get if they set up a page? Get all kinds of information about how many people use Twitter & important metrics if you are using a Twitter business account.

Substantial digital marketing news from both Google and Facebook indicate that 2018 will be an important year for businesses to realign their marketing strategies. Emerging channels such as WhatsApp Business provide exciting new opportunities for businesses to connect with their target markets.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), on December 14, voted to end net neutrality. Find out what it means for your small business.

The availability of dozens of marketing channels and content strategies in the digital space has created a paradox of choice for business owners and marketing managers.

The digital age has upended the way marketing managers and business owners engage with the traditional sales funnel. The “Funnel” no longer captures the shifting reality of the Customer Decision Journey.

In 2018, worldwide social media engagement is expected to reach 2.5 billion people. They way that customers are interacting with brands is shifting to mobile and social.

If you want the best possible returns from your posts, content and ads, then you should know the difference between social media channels that way you can adjust your message to your specific target audience. In this article, we will break down social media channels and help you to find the best social media channels for your business.

SEO strategy development is a long-term plan that can deliver huge business results. SEO improvements require an investment of time with an evolving plan.

Making an effective and unique logo is not an easy task. It requires a lot of knowledge and research. You need to have a solid understanding of how you can make a design that is effective and depicts your business picture in the best way possible. This is the most comprehensive guide on how to design a logo for your business. So let’s get started. 

A content management system, popularly referred to as a CMS, is a popular format for the creation and formatting of digital content.

SunCity worked with ABC Co. to create a list of target keywords related to their product. They sold both B2C and B2B directly and also wanted to explore relationships with distributors.

Microsoft will acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in cash, a 50% premium to the closing price Friday (as a note the stock was down 42% YTD at Friday’s close).