About SunCity Advising

Talking about yourself can be awkward… How about a story?

The idea behind SunCity Advising was born out of data. In 2014, Sean (one of our Founders) was working with the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce and recognized that the amount of data generated through digital marketing went almost unused and entirely unnoticed for it’s value. While SunCity hadn’t been born yet, the seed had been planted… that seed was data.germ-1525665_1280

Shortly after this first marketing analytics project Alex (a founder) was working with companies to develop marketing plans and strategies based on Adwords and social media ads. He started to realize the same thing, companies were not taking full advantage of the massive quantity of data they generated from digital marketing efforts. As he tried to bring this to their attention many companies marketing departments simply did not have anyone with the correct skill set to gather, organize and analyze the data. A trend began to emerge…

The Sun Rises… on SunCity

In 2015, while working on a marketing project for Lytx Inc in San Diego, Sean realized that marketing analytics was the “sweet spot” he had been looking for. It combined his background in finance with the more abstract concepts governing human behavior. Whether it was web traffic, click rates, conversion rates through the marketing funnel or closing deals in the sales department the data points were there. By taking a holistic view of all the data and working to discover hidden opportunities through a marriage of financial and marketing analysis SunCity was born.

This trend continued for Ivan as well through projects with WD-40, Stone Brewery, and others. Whether it was the need to utilize data to identify correlation between sales and marketing, or developing detailed research to aid in market brand messaging, it was clear that data was required to identify and implement market strategy opportunities. The ability to gather data quickly and make accurate assumptions to add high level recommendations is the basis for his interest in marketing strategy consulting.

SunCity continues this holistic approach today. While we are more than happy to “get into the weeds” on subjects ranging from social media posting to lifetime customer value (LCV) our ultimate goal is to marry marketing strategy to data. Our well rounded team has experience in management, sales, marketing, finance and analytics helping us to maintain perspective whenever we search for hidden value.


Create data driven marketing strategies to help customers discover hidden opportunities and unlock their full growth potential.


Marketing Strategies that are driven by data. Be it customer interviews, industry research, or digital marketing data.

Words to Live by

“The business enterprise has two- and only two- basic functions: Marketing and Innovation”

-Peter Drucker

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