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SunCity Advising is a full-service San Diego digital marketing agency. We have never lost a client and attribute that to our strong relationships, holistic approach, and willingness to roll up our sleeves to get results unlike any other PPC or SEO firm you may have worked with.

Whether planning a high-level business strategy, or executing on highly technical marketing tactics, we provide a service that is incredibly uncommon. We can help you build a successful brand using creative messaging and data-driven metrics focused on what matters to you.

Our ability to supplement your in-house efforts goes beyond our thorough communication and excellent business acumen. These primary services include: website design, search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation, social media management, content creation, ppc advertising, and marketing analytics.

We feel strongly that even upon one brief discussion with our team, the SunCity Advising difference will be clear!

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SunCity Advising offers SEO services, PPC advertising & lead generation to help our clients reach their goals. We are a relationship-oriented digital marketing agency with an experienced, tech savvy, creative, & client-educating team!

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SunCity Advising goes well beyond basic services that you may find at your average digital marketing or advertising agencies. We provide branding, message delivery, analytics, successful execution of marketing campaigns, and virtually every aspect of marketing a growth-oriented business would need. We also like to develop case studies and write articles that share insight into our goals, practices and results.

Check out some of our digital marketing research below and get comfortable with starting a conversation with us. We encourage you to learn about what makes a good seo company, how to build an seo campaign, get the latest algorithm updates, new search ranking factors, recent social media trends, how to write a blog post, or a wide range of other marketing efforts that can help grow your business.

seo impact of changing urls

SEO Impact of Changing URLs

In a perfect world, you choose the most effective URLs for your web pages as you initially create them. In reality, it is frequently necessary to change web page URLs to properly optimize your site. It turns out that this has lasting effects on search engine optimization. Let's go over how changing URLs affects SEO, and how to safely modify URL structure safely.

What is E-A-T SEO?

Here comes another SEO acronymn: E-A-T. What does E-A-T stand for? Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. These are critical SEO metrics and Google is now focusing on for every indexed website. Here's how you can get your website E-A-T SEO ready.
5 Best Practices for Google Maps and SEO

5 Best Practices for Google Maps and SEO

For local businesses looking to acquire customers online, using Google Maps and SEO is one of the best channels that are available.
internet marketing

Internet Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

There are numerous terms that describe the relationship between technology, the internet, and marketing. How should your business be spreading its marketing message, through internet marketing, or digital marketing? What is the difference, and does it even matter? We shall examine a side-by-side comparison between internet marketing and digital marketing.
SEO Optimization

Is SEO Optimization Worth it?

SEO requires a large time and effort commitment in order to achieve optimization. This predicament brings up the question, “should I focus more on PPC and other traffic-driving sources, rather than organic SEO?” Let’s explore whether or not search engine optimization is truly worth it.
Measuring CTR click through rate
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Why Measure Website Click Through Rate

If you are familiar with search engine optimization, then you’ve likely heard of “click-through rate.” This metric can be used as a metric in comparing online paid advertising campaigns, organic search results, and more. Let’s define click-through rate, delve into why it should be measured, and find out how it can be increased.
Facebook Hack

How to Fix A Facebook Hack

In October of 2018, Facebook announced that hackers had gained access to nearly 50 million personal accounts in a massive data breach. If your account fell victim to hackers, here's how you can regain access and secure it for good. Has your business account been hacked? We have answers to help you fix it.
Press Kit

How to Create A Press Kit in 9 Steps

Companies looking to stand out and provide key pieces of information to media, investors, press releases are spending quality time on content creation for a press kit. Imagine being able to send one link that has every piece of valuable information anyone needs to know about a company in seconds.
Meta Description
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How to Write a Great Meta Description

When it comes to search engine results pages, (SERPS) meta descriptions have typically been neglected as an unimportant element of search engine optimization.