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SunCity Advising is a San Diego SEO company & full-service digital marketing firm. We have never lost a client and attribute that to our strong relationships and willingness to roll up our sleeves to get results unlike any other SEO firm you may have worked with.

Whether planning a high-level business strategy, or executing on highly technical marketing tactics, we provide a service that is incredibly uncommon. We can help you build a successful brand using creative messaging and data-driven metrics focused on what matters to you.

Our ability to supplement your in-house efforts goes beyond our thorough communication and excellent business acumen. These primary services include: website design, search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation, social media management, content creation, paid advertising, and marketing analytics.

We feel strongly that even upon one brief discussion with our team, the SunCity Advising difference will be clear!

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SunCity Advising leads the San Diego SEO, advertising & larger marketing industry when it comes to helping people reach their goals. We are a relationship-oriented digital marketing agency with an experienced, tech savvy, creative, & client-educating team!

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SunCity Advising goes well beyond basic services that you may find at your average digital marketing or advertising agencies. We provide branding, message delivery, analytics, successful execution of marketing campaigns, and virtually every aspect of marketing a growth-oriented business would need. We also like to develop case studies and write articles that share insight into our goals, practices and results.

Check out some of our digital marketing research below and get comfortable with starting a conversation with us. We encourage you to learn about what makes a good seo company, how to build an seo campaign, get the latest algorithm updates, new search ranking factors, recent social media trends, how to write a blog post, or a wide range of other marketing efforts that can help grow your business.

huffington post

A Guide to Huffington Post Submissions

Looking for a spark to boost your website traffic? Try submitting content to the Huffington Post.
Google maps error

“This Page Didn’t Load Google Maps Correctly”

Many website owners use the Google Maps widget on their contact pages to show maps of their exact location for potential and current customers. If you do, this is how to fix it if it's not working correctly.
Google vs. Bing

Google vs. Bing: How to Optimize Your Site

Google’s 74.5% control of the world’s search engine market is huge, but Bing is still immensely influential, averaging between 5-10% of market share. In the United States, Bing and Yahoo actually hold approximately 30% of the search engine market.
how to delete yelp review

How to Remove Bad Reviews from Yelp in 8 Easy Steps

Has a negative Yelp review ever brought down your business’s credibility? One negative review—valid or not—can sink your business. Learn how to remove bad reviews from Yelp.
Press Kit
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How to Write a Press Release

A press release and press kit can put your business on the map and establish opportunities to add new customers. It gives you the ability to highlight your business and target media outlets for exposure. The focus of the press release should have a specific market in mind beyond the media and should include specific keyword topics for SEO.
Google Lighthouse

Improve website rankings and pagespeed with Google Lighthouse

We compared Pagespeed Insights with Google Lighthouse in order to determine which google speed test is more useful. Then we will delve into how to make the most of this new Google SEO audit tool and what else you can do to boost your Pagespeed.
YouTube Channel
, ,

How to Create a YouTube Channel

Does your business need a YouTube channel? Here's an easy guide to creating a youtube channel for your business or personal account. Only 9% of small business are using YouTube to effectively market themselves. Get a leg-up on your competition through video content.
Google Ranking

Local SEO: 5 Tips to Boost Your Google Ranking

Local SEO: How Google Ranking Determines "Near Me" Searches. How to Succeed at doing Local SEO and Google Ranking. Learn how to do local SEO with or without a storefront & why location-based SEO is important for your business. Understand the Google algorithm for local search engine optimization.
Launch Program

An SEO Startup Launch: Pitching, Marketing, Networking

Every startup launch must learn how to pitch to an audience. This experience gives them the chance to hone in on a solid idea and solidify who they are. Startup launch lists should always include working on a pitch deck because it creates marketing and networking opportunities.