Lead Generation


So, What is a SERP in Google? It’s simply an acronym for search engine results page. Every time you make a search on Google, it’s the page that loads with the links & descriptions.

Ranking for local SEO is crucial for regional businesses that rely on customers in the surrounding area. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked.

There are many excellent ways to drive traffic to your website, but one that many people overlook is using Google News.

COVID-19 has challenged companies to rethink their entire business models. Businesses that used to be able to rely on foot traffic or word of mouth marketing such as restaurants, gyms, retail stores, bars etc. now have to market online in order to remain open. That is why companies are hiring local SEO experts.

Zoho benefits businesses by having everything in one place. That way a business can monitor all activities and projects within their company.

If you are familiar with search engine optimization, then you’ve likely heard of “click-through rate.” This metric can be used as a metric in comparing online paid advertising campaigns, organic search results, and more. Let’s define click-through rate, delve into why it should be measured, and find out how it can be increased.

When it comes to search engine results pages, (SERPS) meta descriptions have typically been neglected as an unimportant element of search engine optimization.

Many website owners use the Google Maps widget on their contact pages to show maps of their exact location for potential and current customers. If you do, this is how to fix it if it’s not working correctly.

Instagram has become a powerful social media tool that allows us to deliver our brand’s message to our target audience. This guide encompasses everything you need to know to grow your business through Instagram.

A press release and press kit can put your business on the map and establish opportunities to add new customers. It gives you the ability to highlight your business and target media outlets for exposure. The focus of the press release should have a specific market in mind beyond the media and should include specific keyword topics for SEO.

Does your business need a YouTube channel? Here’s an easy guide to creating a youtube channel for your business or personal account. Only 9% of small business are using YouTube to effectively market themselves. Get a leg-up on your competition through video content.