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In the realm of search engine optimization (SEO), backlinks play a crucial role in determining your website’s authority and visibility. However, not all backlinks are created equal. Some links from low-quality or spammy websites can harm your SEO efforts.

Discover the essential components of a well-performing website and learn how website design and SEO work together to drive leads or sales for your online business.

Headlines are an essential part of on-page SEO, and search engines use them to crawl through a page and rank content. Keyword research, eye-catching wording, H1-H6 structure, and more are covered in this guide.

A referral in Google Analytics is when one website recommends yours and you can see your referral traffic, breaking out against other sources.

Why Translate YouTube Videos into New Languages? You get to increase your audience, by having people from all around the world watching your content.

So, What is a SERP in Google? It’s simply an acronym for search engine results page. Every time you make a search on Google, it’s the page that loads with the links & descriptions.

Ranking for local SEO is crucial for regional businesses that rely on customers in the surrounding area. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked.

The Click Through Rate is a metric that Google uses to measure how many people click on an ad after seeing it. Here’s how to improve it.

How do you redesign a website without losing SEO results? This is the question many business owners ask themselves when they are determined to update their current site.

We’ve put together this list of the 30 Best Guest Blogging Sites, so you can start your research for backlinks in just one place!

If you want to produce good content marketing that is readily discoverable you need to know what an H1 tag is, how to use it and how to write a good one.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization can increase revenue for Amazon sellers. Here a few tips on how to sell more using SEO fundamentals.

Del Mar Restaurant Marketing can be tricky, but with these insights you can start getting more diners now! SEO. PPC, and directory strategies.

While you should generally have a favorable image of backlinks, it’s not as if every backlink will be good for your website. In this blog, we’re going to look at how & why to disavow toxic backlinks.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the difference between KPIs and metrics, as well as offer advice on how you can get the most from both.

By upping your SEO, your online store can use this large source of traffic to its full advantage. Below are a few of the top strategies for eCommerce search engine optimization.

COVID-19 has challenged companies to rethink their entire business models. Businesses that used to be able to rely on foot traffic or word of mouth marketing such as restaurants, gyms, retail stores, bars etc. now have to market online in order to remain open. That is why companies are hiring local SEO experts.

SunCity Advising shows a 1,486% increase in organic traffic over a 15 month period. Other results included 7,209 new keywords ranked on Google and a 300% increase in monthly average sales.

Setting up internal linking on your website can be extremely confusing. In this article, we’ll give you the inside scoop on our top 5 best internal linking practices for search engine optimization.

Setting up a sitemap for your website is the best way to create a reciprocal relationship between your website and the SERPs. Here is everything you need to know about creating a sitemap using SEO best practices.

Usually when we discuss a sales slowdown, or a complete pause, there is some form of seasonality involved. Things have changed with COVID-19, so make sure you spend time on the right marketing activities.

According to Google, the BERT Google algorithm update is the most significant search engine change of the last 5 years. Designed to better understand language searches, BERT is expected to impact 1 in 10 search queries.

We take a look at common expectations when it comes to the search engine optimization process and we compare them to the realities of the full SEO funnel.

Structuring your website so that it appeals to search engines such as Google is no easy task. How many categories should you list on your site? What should you embed site navigation with? How should you internally link? SunCity Advising answers these questions and shows you the best site structure for SEO.

In a perfect world, you choose the most effective URLs for your web pages as you initially create them. In reality, it is frequently necessary to change web page URLs to properly optimize your site. It turns out that this has lasting effects on search engine optimization. Let’s go over how changing URLs affects SEO, and how to safely modify URL structure safely.

Here comes another SEO acronymn: E-A-T. What does E-A-T stand for? Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. These are critical SEO metrics and Google is now focusing on for every indexed website. Here’s how you can get your website E-A-T SEO ready.

For local businesses looking to acquire customers online, using Google Maps and SEO is one of the best channels that are available.

There are numerous terms that describe the relationship between technology, the internet, and marketing. How should your business be spreading its marketing message, through internet marketing, or digital marketing? What is the difference, and does it even matter? We shall examine a side-by-side comparison between internet marketing and digital marketing.

SEO requires a large time and effort commitment in order to achieve optimization. This predicament brings up the question, “should I focus more on PPC and other traffic-driving sources, rather than organic SEO?” Let’s explore whether or not search engine optimization is truly worth it.

If you are familiar with search engine optimization, then you’ve likely heard of “click-through rate.” This metric can be used as a metric in comparing online paid advertising campaigns, organic search results, and more. Let’s define click-through rate, delve into why it should be measured, and find out how it can be increased.

When it comes to search engine results pages, (SERPS) meta descriptions have typically been neglected as an unimportant element of search engine optimization.

Looking for a spark to boost your website traffic? Try submitting content to the Huffington Post.

Many website owners use the Google Maps widget on their contact pages to show maps of their exact location for potential and current customers. If you do, this is how to fix it if it’s not working correctly.

Google’s 74.5% control of the world’s search engine market is huge, but Bing is still immensely influential, averaging between 5-10% of market share. In the United States, Bing and Yahoo actually hold approximately 30% of the search engine market.

Has a negative Yelp review ever brought down your business’s credibility? One negative review—valid or not—can sink your business. Learn how to remove bad reviews from Yelp.

A press release and press kit can put your business on the map and establish opportunities to add new customers. It gives you the ability to highlight your business and target media outlets for exposure. The focus of the press release should have a specific market in mind beyond the media and should include specific keyword topics for SEO.

We compared Pagespeed Insights with Google Lighthouse in order to determine which google speed test is more useful. Then we will delve into how to make the most of this new Google SEO audit tool and what else you can do to boost your Pagespeed.

Every startup launch must learn how to pitch to an audience. This experience gives them the chance to hone in on a solid idea and solidify who they are. Startup launch lists should always include working on a pitch deck because it creates marketing and networking opportunities.

Does your business need a YouTube channel? Here’s an easy guide to creating a youtube channel for your business or personal account. Only 9% of small business are using YouTube to effectively market themselves. Get a leg-up on your competition through video content.

For your press release distribution to be a success, we found that two performance indicators must be considered. A successful press release strategy requires syndicating your content to the right outlets and delivering relevant content to a targeted audience.

Local SEO: How Google Ranking Determines “Near Me” Searches. How to Succeed at doing Local SEO and Google Ranking. Learn how to do local SEO with or without a storefront & why location-based SEO is important for your business. Understand the Google algorithm for local search engine optimization.

Startups, small or medium-sized businesses have all likely heard the term SEO. However, most people haven’t had enough time to research the details of SEO strategy like our San Diego SEO experts.

Google is exploring new platforms to develop for their search engine. SEO strategies must target emerging google search trends like mobile search, augmented reality and web crawlers to remain competitive.

A Long-Term SEO strategy is only as effective as the reporting and analysis behind it. Once you feel satisfied with the technical and creative on-page SEO implementation, as well as the domain strategy behind your website, you can start tracking the results.

The digital age has upended the way marketing managers and business owners engage with the traditional sales funnel. The “Funnel” no longer captures the shifting reality of the Customer Decision Journey.

The second entry in our Long-Term SEO strategy series is focused on the Implementation Phase of SEO, including strategies behind content creation, technical and creative on-page SEO tactics, domain focused SEO strategies and the importance of backlinking.

SEO strategy development is a long-term plan that can deliver huge business results. SEO improvements require an investment of time with an evolving plan.

According to statistics released from Google itself, results on “page 1” receive 95% of all website traffic and 32% of that traffic lands on the first result.

SunCity worked with ABC Co. to create a list of target keywords related to their product. They sold both B2C and B2B directly and also wanted to explore relationships with distributors.

So you have a business idea. You have done some research on who will buy your product or service (I hope) and realize you could make some money doing this.