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Facebook Shops: An Overview

Facebook Shops allows your business to set up a store and sell products directly through Facebook and Instagram. The industry-disrupting element of Facebook Shops is that consumers can now browse for products, add items to their cart, complete the checkout process, and receive their goods in the mail—all while never having to leave Facebook or Instagram.


16 Marketing Messages for A/B Testing PPC Ads

There are many types of marketing messages that can be used to generate conversions within paid online advertisements. From choice architecture, to “FOMO,” each marketing message appeals to ad viewers senses in a unique way. Here is how to use 16 of the marketing messages for A/B Testing PPC Ads.

3 Ways to Get Android App Downloads

New Android apps can often struggle to get downloads in the early stages. The Google Play Store involves numerous algorithms working to put relevant apps in front of the right people. In this guide, we discuss optimizing your app store landing page, running Google Ads app campaigns, and taking advantage of Google Firebase.


Granting Access to Facebook Ads

One of the biggest entry barriers to using Facebook advertising is simply learning how to grant, or receive, the required access to a Facebook Ads account. Difficulties include understanding the difference between a personal and business account, complicated nomenclature of Facebook ads structure, and other technical issues. Here’s how to grant access to a Facebook Ads account.

How to Grant Access to Google Ads

Under no circumstances, should you ever grant any person or company access to your Google Ads account directly through your login information. Remember that your Google Ads account is connected to your Gmail account, shared drive, and any other Google product that is connected with your account. Let’s take a look at how to correctly grant access to a Google Ads account.

What is E-A-T SEO?

Here comes another SEO acronymn: E-A-T. What does E-A-T stand for? Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. These are critical SEO metrics and Google is now focusing on for every indexed website. Here’s how you can get your website E-A-T SEO ready.

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Why Measure Website Click Through Rate

If you are familiar with search engine optimization, then you’ve likely heard of “click-through rate.” This metric can be used as a metric in comparing online paid advertising campaigns, organic search results, and more. Let’s define click-through rate, delve into why it should be measured, and find out how it can be increased.

How to Advertise on Pandora

With nearly 80 million current Pandora Music users, there is a plethora of advertising options available to you that make targeting your intended audience a breeze. Let’s take a look at how to advertise on Pandora, how much these ads cost, and which ad types to choose for your business.

Google vs. Bing: How to Optimize Your Site

Google’s 74.5% control of the world’s search engine market is huge, but Bing is still immensely influential, averaging between 5-10% of market share. In the United States, Bing and Yahoo actually hold approximately 30% of the search engine market.

Aligning with Google Search Trends

Google is exploring new platforms to develop for their search engine. SEO strategies must target emerging google search trends like mobile search, augmented reality and web crawlers to remain competitive.

Paid Digital Advertising Trends

Paid digital advertising trends come and go, but the fundamentals don’t. Maximized reach + elevate brand awareness + increase top-line. This is a simple three-step process for search engine marketing (SEM) and the most popular and suggested ways of implementing a strategy.

SEO Best Practices: Long-Term SEO Strategy

A Long-Term SEO strategy is only as effective as the reporting and analysis behind it. Once you feel satisfied with the technical and creative on-page SEO implementation, as well as the domain strategy behind your website, you can start tracking the results.

SEO Best Practices: Tactical SEO Approaches

The second entry in our Long-Term SEO strategy series is focused on the Implementation Phase of SEO, including strategies behind content creation, technical and creative on-page SEO tactics, domain focused SEO strategies and the importance of backlinking.

Staying Motivated

Life is a marathon… sort of. Except in life nobody set up water every mile, strangers don’t cheer you on the whole way, and you don’t get a medal for finishing. Other than that, it is very similar.