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Google Ads is Giving Away COVID-19 Ad Credits

Small and medium-sized businesses that have been using Google ads over the past year are eligible for up to $1000 in advertising credit. Here’s everything you need to know including how to determine if you qualify, how long the Google Ads credit is valid for, and more.

Google Merchant Center Best Practices

Google Merchant Center is massively underutilized by sellers (online and storefront). The platform provides free traffic to your website by analyzing your product’s attributes, and placing them in relevant “Surfaces Across Google”. It requires inputting product feeds in order to articulate what you sell to Google. When paired with a PPC ad campaign, your business can achieve sustainable sales growth.

How to Set Up a Website Sitemap

Setting up a sitemap for your website is the best way to create a reciprocal relationship between your website and the SERPs. Here is everything you need to know about creating a sitemap using SEO best practices.

Best Site Structure for SEO

Structuring your website so that it appeals to search engines such as Google is no easy task. How many categories should you list on your site? What should you embed site navigation with? How should you internally link? SunCity Advising answers these questions and shows you the best site structure for SEO.

SEO Impact of Changing URLs

In a perfect world, you choose the most effective URLs for your web pages as you initially create them. In reality, it is frequently necessary to change web page URLs to properly optimize your site. It turns out that this has lasting effects on search engine optimization. Let’s go over how changing URLs affects SEO, and how to safely modify URL structure safely.

Internet Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

There are numerous terms that describe the relationship between technology, the internet, and marketing. How should your business be spreading its marketing message, through internet marketing, or digital marketing? What is the difference, and does it even matter? We shall examine a side-by-side comparison between internet marketing and digital marketing.

Is SEO Optimization Worth it?

SEO requires a large time and effort commitment in order to achieve optimization. This predicament brings up the question, “should I focus more on PPC and other traffic-driving sources, rather than organic SEO?” Let’s explore whether or not search engine optimization is truly worth it.