No two companies are the same, no two brands are the same. Your SEO shouldn’t be the same either. SunCity Advising offers holistic SEO solutions focused on generating the brand awareness your business needs. Modern search engine algorithms act more like brand awareness gauges and therefore SEO should be approached through that lens.

Below is a list of the services we provide. While we recommend a coordinated effort across all these services SunCity can provide custom solutions based on an interview with you to determine your businesses unique needs and challenges. We can work with in-house marketing departments, sales teams and other employees to provide comprehensive solutions that drive growth. In addition, SunCity has worked with small and medium businesses in a fractional CMO role to further orchestrate broad and effective branding efforts.

Together we can build a better brand.

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SEO & Digital Branding

SEO Strategy & Keyword Selection

Begin with the end in mind, SunCity will work with you to develop a strategy for SEO. This involves identifying customer segments with you and understanding unique behaviors of each segment in order to better select channels and keywords to optimize. Through your suggestions, competitive analysis, trend identification and market study SunCity will develop a list of keywords that represent searches with the intent you are looking for in your ideal customer. This list is then honed and refined through an iterative process to ensure optimal conversion to paying customer.

Website SEO Audit

SunCity will audit your website using tools from google, Facebook, Twitter and our own proprietary software to ensure your website is structured for success. This initial audit of keyword density, content readability, page ranks, and user behaviors will serve as a benchmark for future growth.

On-Page SEO

Once keywords have been selected SunCity will go through your website page by page in order to optimize all content based on selected keywords and desired user outcomes. Google Analytics certified professionals will setup goals and milestones for your website and track behaviors to determine where users are going, why they are leaving and most importantly, why they buy.

Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization

Throughout the SEO process SunCity will measure everything possible. From where people click on a website, how long they spend on a page, where they came from, and what they bought SunCity uses analytics to design better, more targeted content and keywords in order to increase conversions.

Content Creation

Blogs, photos, vlogs (Video blogs), podcasts and other content types are critical to the success of a concentrated SEO effort. SunCity will help you design and produce content that can be used to create value for your potential customers. Content is used mainly for sharing insight with your potential clients and only a small fraction of it directly asks for business. This is about becoming a resource for information, and creating a brand persona!

Social Media Management

While social media posting and bookmarking is often lumped in with off-page SEO the rise of social advertising and self sustained social eco-sytem has lead SunCity to focus on this as a separate and critical factor in proper SEO strategy. By posting at regular intervals, mixing original and curated content, and providing insight to your potential customers SunCity will help you create a “raving fan culture.” Social is also becoming more important for getting feedback from users to inform innovation.

Link Building

Link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO. It is also one of the most difficult. SunCity has experience in building links with other websites in order to improve your ranking in searches. We specialize in building high trust links that google will rank better than low-trust and potentially toxic backlinks from directory websites. These high quality links are driven by the high quality content generated in the Social SEO and Content SEO tactics.