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San Diego SEO Experts on SEO Strategy

The following article provides deep insight into our San Diego SEO Experts and how they come up with plans to improve website traffic and overall digital presence.

San Diego SEO Experts On What You Need to Know…

Startups, small or medium-sized businesses have all likely heard the term SEO. However, most people haven’t had enough time to research the details of SEO strategy like our San Diego SEO experts. The primary goal of SEO is two part.

  1. To build a website that draws attention in order to bring people it.
  2. To keep them there by using high quality content.

In the off chance that you don’t know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, there it is. Most likely, you know the goal, but are missing how all of the moving pieces work together to get results. Our San Diego SEO experts agree with Google that their primary focuses on client websites as the following:

  • An initial review of the website content and structure
  • Technical advice on web development like hosting, redirects, error pages and JavaScript
  • Content creation
  • Online campaign management
  • Research of keywords
  • SEO training for staff
  • Industry, market and geographic expertise

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What Else Should you Know for Successful SEO?

Other efforts include email campaigns, marketing analytics, marketing automation, content generation and search intent optimization. You can learn more about what those are by checking out our Marketing Solutions. It is also important to understand what San Diego SEO experts call “SEO Lies”. Unethical web specialists may try to sell you on unneeded work. Clients that spent money on wasted efforts most commonly told of these lies:

  • The famous unsolicited email promising to build your site up without any details
  • A guarantee of a #1 ranking in google searches
  • Putting other clients’ links on your site as an increase to your SEO
  • Recommending any community-based shared link websites (Google will remove your site from index)

Furthermore, there is risk in hiring an SEO specialist if you don’t know them or their reputation from previous clients. Hence, as San Diego SEO experts say, “there are two ways to increase web traffic for a client. These include; organic growth through hard work and cheating. Ultimately, Google will ban any website caught cheating on SEO. So, be cautiously optimistic!”

San Diego SEO Experts On How to Identify Structure Concerns

The structure of a website is arguably more important than the content itself. One of our San Diego SEO experts, Sean Miles (Twitter – @SMiles326) explains more on content. “Content is nothing without the structure that can allow it to be useful to potential customers. Google has become very good at identifying whether that has been done or not.”

Well-known marketing gurus at HubSpot have also noted the importance of good site structure. They point out that it is important to focus on what the end goal is for the website owner. What do you want the user to focus on in terms of a direct call-to-action? Get that user to make a purchase, learn about your product or service, or sign up for your newsletter. No matter what that action is, it is important that the entire structure be designed with that in mind.

If your website does not have calls-to-action or direct paths to them, a change is certainly needed immediately. San Diego SEO experts also recommend identifying who your target audience is. Then, determine what your goals are, and how functional the website is. Then, you can start an actual strategy that outlines the structure of the site.

San Diego SEO Experts – Organization Content Sections

Identify the type of users you expect and the actions you want them to take. Website structure is incredibly important to facilitate those people in taking that action. The image below identifies the most common SEO content pieces and how to organize them.

San Diego SEO Expert on Structure

The sample structure above is a diagram that each website designer should follow. This will allow you to visualize the potential pathway of the users. According to San Diego SEO Experts, it is also important to provide broad information on the higher level pages. And, the outbound links should become more specific and link back to the main pages.

Keyword research determines the most important titles for your menu bar and which content to include. Unique content on each of these horizontal levels is mandatory. Individual pages should also be able to stand on their own with a high level of value and understanding. Then, those pages should connect together in a coherent way.

Choosing the Right Theme for Your SEO Strategy

Finally, San Diego SEO Experts agree with about choosing the right theme. They say it can be a very important aspect to creating the right physical structure to your website. SEO expert Sean Miles says that his favorite custom theme in WordPress is called Enfold. He says it is very user-friendly while still allowing for a sophisticated look.

Sean also mentions that it is important to choose a theme that is compatible with your SEO tool, like Yoast. Avoid drag and drop themes that make it difficult to optimize focus keywords. Yoast cannot always identify text in text boxes for some overly simplified themes.

There is clearly a lot to learn about SEO. It may seem like the experts are the only ones who know how things are working on the back end. But, this article should help you to understand search engine optimization. At bare minimum, you should know how to communicate with San Diego SEO experts. You may now have technical and purposeful social discussions with them. For more SEO topics or to learn about our SEO specialist San Diego or marketing blog page.