Website Content Creation

“Be specific enough to be believable and universal enough to be relevant.”

                                                                            -Ann Handley

Content is King. In the modern world, the correct saying is “content creation specific to the user is king,” but that just doesn’t roll off the tongue in the same way. At SunCity we take pride in developing content that is relevant and useful to your customers. By using specific channels for each type of content we ensure that your brand is represented in the right way at the right time in the right place.

User specific content is the new normal and your business needs to be communicating specific messages to different users at different stages in the purchase decision journey. Asking a customer to buy with a piece of sales content too early can have a negative impact in the same way failure to close can have. By combining analytics with our content creation SunCity avoids these scenarios and positions your brand to become the source of information in your industry and THE destination for customers seeking your product or service.

Let’s start spreading the news.

Web Content Services

SunCity works with you to develop a regular cadence for blog posts that drive at specific keywords and help to increase your brand credibility as well as drive customers to more information about your product or service. In addition, through effective blogging SunCity boosts your rankings in organic search results for desired terms.

By combining campaign materials, industry news and blogs SunCity creates value-add newsletters your leads & customers will turn to for information. This keeps them engaged so that when the time arises to make a purchase decision you are the clear choice. Multiple versions ensure that new subscribers are not overwhelmed and existing subscribers do not receive duplicate content.

Great content is not about creating everything. In addition to creation, SunCity collects articles from your industry around trends and current events that add value to your newsletter and website by informing your leads & customers. By curating relevant and useful articles and posts your business becomes a hub of information.

By understanding your goals and campaign strategy SunCity can work with you or independently to optimize all the copy on your website to ensure it focuses on the correct keywords and provides useful information to potential customers.

Vlogs and Podcasts

Whether you want a full blown YouTube channel or podcast or simply a few media campaigns SunCity can help you write scripts, film/tape spots and edit them. We have experience hosting interviews, designing spots and compiling audio/visual to create a campaign that expresses your brands persona. Increases in Youtube viewers and podcast subscribers has made informative and relevant media generation critical to any marketing strategy.

Social Media Posting

Social media posting is both a science and an art. Combining analytics from years of work in social media with your understanding of the unique needs of your customers SunCity creates social media posts designed for each specific channel, be it YouTube, Facebook,, Twitter or LinkedIn and regular posting schedules ensure you are always top of mind.