Marketing automation holds in it the potential for allowing firms to have more time to creating value as a marketing organization. Through email drip campaigns and sales confirmations, automatic reporting, and automated posting SunCity can help you capture this potential and turn it into higher productivity and a more robust bottom line.

Marketing is a balance between science and art, by allowing you to automate certain aspects of both the science and art of marketing you will have more resources available to discover customer sentiment, identify new opportunities and unlock hidden value.

Together we can discover greater efficiency.

“Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.”

-Bill Gates

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Automation Services

Email Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns help ensure that leads and customers are in constant contact with your business. They are an effective way of making your customers feel important and understood as well as keeping your business top of mind.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Slightly different from a drip campaign a nurturing campaign is generated based on a specific action that a lead took. This ensures relevant information is delivered in a tiely fashion while respecting the users time by not bombarding them with irrelevant items.

Scheduled Reporting

With the enormous amount of data available to businesses it is important to automate as much reporting as possible so that time can be spent on analyzing it and extracting insights as opposed to gathering all the sources. SunCity has the expertise to setup reporting that will be automatically delivered when needed.

Process Analysis

While automation can increase efficiency, the process must be efficient to start. SunCity experts help ensure that the procedures and processes are in place to take full advantage of automation without increasing your employees burden.

Social Media Posting

Automated social media posting is critical to an effective social campaign. The varied “shelf lives” of social channels could keep an employee busy full-time, logging into accounts, posting and logging into the next. Automation makes it possible to develop and curate posts at one time and schedule them throughout the week.

A/B Testing & Tracking

A/B testing has become central to the development of a cohesive and relevant brand. By automating the display of either A or B versions of a page at random SunCity can help you determine the most appropriate designs and content for your customers.