Change Management

Every business changes over time and our strategy consultants will help you navigate through the changes effectively. Our proprietary change management process leaves nothing to chance and encompasses all aspects of your business. 

Lean Six Sigma Coaching

Our Six Sigma certified consultants can help you develop and implement procedures to reduce waste and increase quality across your business. Whether in the supply chain or on the factory floor SunCity is here to make you lean.

Project Strategy

Whether it is a one-time project or a multi-year engagement our team of strategists will ensure you have looked at all the angles. Through intense research, data driven analysis and years of experience SunCity provides detailed project management tools like Gant charts and critical path diagrams so you meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

Business Planning

Business Plan Writing

With years of experience consulting start-ups and medium sized businesses SunCity writers have the technical expertise to set your plan apart. Investors look for specific information and we have the team to deliver. Whether you need a re-write of an old plan or an origianl built from scratch we can help you plan for success and get investor attention.

Pitch Deck Design

Once your in-depth business plan is built we can begin to create your pitch deck. This summary style business plan contains specific details investors want to hear and is desgined as a presentation companion. This is an essential tool for any business seeking funding and is often the first impression for prospective investors.

Financial Projections

Perhaps the single most important factor in securing investment is the accuracy and detail of your financial projections. SunCity has extensive experience valuing start-ups and medium size businesses and uses industry standards combined with extensive research in order to develop credible, realistic projections.

Strategic Analytics

KPI Development

Top line revenue and lead-generation are only the beginning when it comes to knowing what is happening within your business. SunCity uses advanced analytics in order to mine your business data and develop key performance indicators to help inform your business decisions and understand how to measure your success. Our customized approach ensures you can measure and manipulate all the inputs driving your bottomline.

Dashboard Implementation

Making correct business decisions requires real-time information on the state of your company. SunCity can develop dashboards that allow you to instantly gauge the health of your business using industry standard metrics and custom KPIs. Our user-friendly dashboards maximize your ability to recognize trends  in your business allowing you to spend more time building profitablity.

Automated Reporting

For more complex data visualization and analysis SunCity can develop automated reports and protocols in order to make sure you have the current and correct information to operate succesfully. 

Marketing Services

Social Media Management

Our social engineers know how to take the guess work out of social media. Let SunCity develop a world class megaphone to help you spread the word about your business. With powerful content creation specific to your business and precisely timed posts we help you turn engaged users into paying customers.

Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

Advertising through search engines and social media is a major component of any modern marketing strategy. A proprietary analytics methodolgy allows us to determine which user traits are most important to your sales conversion process. SunCity uses this insight to create multi-channel marketing campaigns focused on one thing: finding your best customers. 

Web Design and Hosting

SunCity developers can create a stunning site ready for eCommerce on any scale. By managing web-hosting in real time we make sure your website is always ready to accept orders, regardless of the traffic volume.