Product market fit is the magic that makes a company great, or relegates it to the annals of history as “just another startup.” SunCity has experience working with Fortune 10 firms as well as startups in developing feature sets and new products that resonate with customers by delivering unprecedented value in innovative ways.

Through extensive research, interviews and focus groups we design value propositions with specific users in mind that ensure successful product launches, and while nobody is correct 100% of the time our data driven approach ensures that mistakes are made early, cheap and then not repeated.

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“You want some good marketing advice, make stuff that people want”

-Paul Graham

Let’s find Product Market Fit!

Product Market Fit Services

Customer Profiling

By identifying customer jobs (roles and responsibilities) SunCity creates comprehensive profiles that help identify pain points and desires that your product should target in order to deliver value. Multiple profiles are developed for products with multiple customers (buyer, end user) to be sure all needs are addressed.

User Experience and Interface Design

Current customers offer unparalleled insight into what is and is not working in your current products and services. Through interviews, market research and behavior analysis SunCity develops recommendations for UX/UI to ensure your customers stay customers.

Pricing Analysis

Looking across industries to better understand customer decision criteria leads to pricing based on value delivered as opposed to cost basis pricing which could leave money on the table. Multiple factors including, IP, barriers to entry, and growth trends are considered when determining pricing for specific products and services.

Product Value Mapping

An intensive analysis of your products and/or services informs our product value mapping. SunCity classifies features into pain relievers or gain creators so that they can be mapped to customer pain points and gain desires and thereby be positioned to deliver “fit.”

Substitutes & Alternatives Analysis

SunCity uses competitive analysis to understand the substitute products or services as well as alternative choices customers have to meet the desires or relieve the pains your product addresses. By looking across industries at what outcomes customers truly desire we are able to develop solutions that reveal hidden opportunities.

Feature Prioritization

The use of customer and market research can inform feature prioritization decisions. All companies face resource limitations and an analysis of the drivers in any given market can yield insight into the feature(s) that will deliver the highest ROI and should be prioritized.