Areas of Industry Expertise

Every industry has a set of methods and tactics described as “best practices.” While many of these are similar across industries some are very unique. These unique practices offer up new opportunities to leverage tried and true best practices from one industry to another. SunCity Advising has project experience in industries spanning construction, medical technology, electrical engineering, legal services and consumer retail. The breadth of our industry knowledge allows us to develop unique and effective strategies to meet your business goals.

Medical Technology

medical technology, consulting, industry, marketing, strategyMobile based technology is re-shaping the healthcare industry and businesses who aren’t taking advantage of this will fall behind in terms of patient care as well as profitability. SunCity helped one client improve patient health by allowing them to connect doctors to self reported patient data in almost real time. Because doctors could see the self reported status of patients on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, treatments could be adjusted to provide the maximum impact and improve patient quality of life. As the healthcare market moves to preventative and performance based pay it will become more important to monitor patient health constantly in order to intervene before costly procedures and treatments become necessary. SunCity is dedicated to mobile medical technology because we believe current upward trends in healthcare costs are unsustainable and mobile technology presents a clear benefit for preventative intervention based on data.

Consumer Retail

consumer retail, consulting, marketingRetail is changing rapidly due to the massive shift in how consumers shop. It started by moving from bricks and mortar to classic online shopping and has since moved to the mobile experience. This involves consumers researching purchases on mobile devices and making the purchase right there. SunCity helped one client take their product from idea to reality, helping them secure a manufacturer in China, arrange for importation, build a marketing and brand strategy, and prepare pitch decks for investment competitions. This led to them receiving multiple offers for investment as well as a listing on QVC.

In addition, SunCity has helped big-box retailers analyze the feasibility and financial impact of new business systems. We helped one client understand the value and impact of an electronic invoicing system to be deployed across hundreds of locations, including retail stores, distribution centers, and the main office. We interviewed dozens of employees, walked through the processes ourselves, and poured over financials to determine costs and benefits. In the end we were able to deliver a comprehensive implementation plan, complete with potential pitfalls and choke points. The roll-out of the system took place over two years and has saved the customer hundreds of man-hours and millions of dollars per year.


construction, consultingSunCity has helped clients in residential and commercial construction realize the benefits of a data driven approach to managing resources. Using simple tools and straightforward processes we quickly and efficiently helped our client cut thousand of dollars a month in equipment expenses. This helped our client turn a job that was losing thousands of dollars a month into a profit center. In addition, productivity measures broken down by site location were used by an industrial client to understand where they had the lowest productivity. This allowed them to adjust budgets and scheduling in order to minimize downtime across several sites and increase overall productivity. This increase in productivity led to higher margins and completion of several jobs ahead of schedule.