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Free Website Report

A Free Website Report & SEO

As a growing business, we understand how important it is for our clients to maximize their value when it comes to website development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That’s why SunCity Advising offers a free website report for incoming businesses using our paid reporting tools. If you’ve never seen a report for your website or even if it’s been a few months, we can guarantee that this data will help you get a grasp on how your website is performing.

How Can a Free Online Website Analysis Report Help Me?

Due to the dynamic nature of Search Engine Algorithms, your website ranking, score, and business exposure can change overnight. A free website report can give you an alternate view on your overall business performance. We can see how people are finding your business with a free website traffic report and determine if your existing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy is still working. A report can give you the raw data and metrics to measure both current and historical website performance.

Marketing Analytics Must Accompany Website Reporting

A free website report only scratches the surface, without proper analysis and interpretation of the data, strategic actions cannot be taken. The difference between website reporting and website marketing analytics is in how the data is treated. While a report is a snapshot of performance, marketing analytics interpret that data, present trends, and derive insights. Our analytics highlight only impactful data that can be used to improve your overall SEO Strategy. Analytics are used to point business owners to areas of improvement.

Tying Together Information from a Free Website Report

Implementing those actions require expertise in Website Development, SEO and digital marketing. At SunCity Advising, we provide SEO strategy development services so business owners can focus their energy on other key business initiatives like product development, operations, and customer service. The process described above is ongoing so it is important track web content changes to continue improving website ranking and ultimately, organic traffic.

Reporting & Implementation Strategy

Inputs | Information | Insights | Implementation

Our i2i Marketing Approach to iterative strategic optimization is KPI driven with 4 key indicators: inputs, information, insights, and implementation. Once we have run through the process we create another report to analyze our changes and continue to implement new changes. We have found that the Google search algorithm can be used in a snowball effect, where traffic and external linking improves website credibility, thereby driving increased traffic and linking. To get started, a free website report can get you oriented and on your way to strategic website improvement.

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