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Email Campaigns Using a Proven Marketing Strategy

In marketing, email campaigns take one of two main forms: informational or transactional. Informational emails consist of co-marketing, drip campaigns, newsletters and other content that provides information based on products, market trends or social trends while transactional emails focus on confirming purchases or registrations.

Effectively using email to communicate with customers is important to maintaining communication and understanding user needs. Subscription increases or decreases are often leading indicators of trends in purchases and therefore consistent content generation is crucial to tracking these changes.

What are your email campaigns telling your customers?

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.”

-David Newman

Email Marketing Services

By combining campaign materials, industry news and blogs SunCity creates value-add e-magazines & newsletters your leads & customers will turn to for information. This keeps them engaged so that when the time arises to make a purchase decision you are the clear choice. Multiple versions ensure that new subscribers are not overwhelmed and existing subscribers do not receive duplicate content.

Event Invitations

Sending invitations to your customers and leads is important to ensure your events are well attended and SunCity has the skill to craft announcements that will demonstrate how attendees will benefit from attendance, and encourages them to share the invitation with others who may be interested.

Transactional Emails

From order confirmations to registration information on events, transactional emails are important to making sure your customers feel connected and at ease when communicating with your business. A lack of transactional confirmations can lead to unnecessary frustration for your customers and leave them feeling neglected. SunCity helps your business create consistent messaging for your transactions.

Product Announcements

Product updates are useful for keeping users and leads engaged as you develop new and robust feature offerings. SunCity takes care to target only leads and customers interested in specific products so as not to overwhelm their inbox.


By identifying potential partners in complimentary businesses SunCity helps you leverage existing customer bases and lead pools to maximize your reach and increase ROI. In addition, we can work with both marketing teams to create synergized content that delivers an extra dose of value to potential customers.

Social Media & Dedicated Sends

At certain times it is important to send messages to specific leads and customer groups. These messages often revolve around seasonal offerings or trending topics in social media or the news and SunCity has the resources to identify these opportunities and take advantage of them for maximum effect.