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How to Make Eye-Catching Social Media Posts

Social media can be a real game-changer for businesses. However, today every business is on social media. Making it more difficult to stand out from competitors and grab the attention of users. That is why it is crucial to build a strong social media strategy and design eye-catching social media posts that will get people interested in your business.

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Developing Brand Voice

Crafting a brand voice helps you connect with your target audience, build reputation and ensure all content and ads are consistent. And businesses who see to it that all team members are on the same page when it comes to brand voice, appear more trustworthy, reliable and authentic. And therefore are more likely to be successful in the long run.


Color Palette Guide

Color plays a big part in the perception of your brand and product or services. They determine the first impression that a potential customer will get when they lay eyes on your branding for the first time. Colors can do so much more than just making your visuals attractive and eye pleasing, they convey feelings, emotions and experiences.


How to Fix A Facebook Hack

In October of 2018, Facebook announced that hackers had gained access to nearly 50 million personal accounts in a massive data breach. If your account fell victim to hackers, here’s how you can regain access and secure it for good. Has your business account been hacked? We have answers to help you fix it.

Local SEO: 5 Tips to Boost Your Google Ranking

Local SEO: How Google Ranking Determines “Near Me” Searches. How to Succeed at doing Local SEO and Google Ranking. Learn how to do local SEO with or without a storefront & why location-based SEO is important for your business. Understand the Google algorithm for local search engine optimization.